Richard III, Shakespeare's tale of a brilliant, scheming hunchback who murders and seduces his way to the throne. The final chapter of the War of the Roses, Richard III dramatizes the life of one of the most diabolical and manipulative, yet charming and witty villains in Shakespeare's canon. Embittered by his own physical deformities, the power-hungry Richard will stop at nothing to gain control of England, seducing and murdering his way to the throne.

Reviews from Riverside Production

" comes across as clearly as one of the great English stories should. " - Benidict Nightingale, The Times

" Kidd's modern-dress production, played out on a bare stage except for a large table that doubles as a coffin and boardroom-style desk, may be rough and ready, but it is racy and ­ understands the cut and thrust of ­ political intrigue. Subtle, no; but it certainly grabs you by the scruff of the neck. " - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

" Following the not-so-distant triumph of the RSC's The Histories season, where Richard III was performed with a full back-story provided by the Henry trilogy, it is almost a relief to find that the play can still be a successful stand-alone, even if Richard's character must necessarily seem a bit of a one-dimensional tyrant. Gratitude, then, to Love&Madness (founded by Artistic Director and actor Neil Sheppeck), a company that gives bold and new interpretations of classical works and, as part of their 'Desire&Destruction' season at the Riverside, provide a modern-dress Richard that makes the political machinations of the medieval court seem ever so close to our own world. Director Ben Kidd and his team present a fast-paced and thoughtful production that remains largely faithful to the text that we know, particularly in Act 1. That Act 2 contains much new dialogue does not detract from a work that, in any case, is itself a fictional representation of a much-maligned monarch. A brave, new, and welcome addition to the cycle of Richard III productions. " - British Theatre Guide.

" The second production in the Love&Madness residency at Riverside Studios is a modern-dress mounting of one of Shakespeare's finest and most oft-quoted history plays. Ben Kidd 's production is a tidy package all round, featuring a moody electro soundscape (by Sam Ward). " - What's On Stage.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist will tour England, Scotland and Wales with Richard III from mid-September until early-December 2010. Then Northern Ireland and Eire from late-January until April 2011.

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